BIG HURT Frank Thomas Original NOS Pinball Machine Translite Art 1995 Gottlieb

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A pinball translite is a flexible art sheet that is placed behind the clear glass on a pinball machine. The clear glass is NOT included this is just the translite. Measures 20" X 25". This item is quite scarce. Shipped rolled in heavy mailing tube.  Near mint condition. Due to age may have some mirco specks of paint that can be seen when held to light.  Also some minor front surface marks. This is due to the item being 25 years old.

FYI: Translite artwork was intended to be used inside a pinball machine behind clear glass. The lights inside the pinball machine will illuminate the artwork.  The item may also be hung on a wall either framed like an large art print of back lit with lighting if you build a special wall box with lights behind it.