PLAY METER Magazine July 1984 Video Arcade Games Saker Space Probe Simulator

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Vintage back issue of Play-Meter amusement game trade publication. Great information, ads, and articles on video arcade games, pinball  machines, and other coin-op units. See photos and condition description. Orders are shipped with care.

Volume 10 No. 15. Early vintage back issue of Play Meter Magazine. Has cover wear, wrinkles, creases, and age wear. Back cover has remains of address label. Some of the ads inside are; Bonanza Mr. Computer, Universal Mr. Do's Wild Ride. Game reviews/new product articles on Saker One Corp Space Probe video simulator unit, Midway Spy Hunter, Gottlieb The Three Stooges video game, Bally Black Pyramid pinball machine, Midway Midnight Marauders gun game. See photos.