Williams WPC Pinball Machine Schematic Manual June 1994 Creature Corvette TZ

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Used manual with creases, soiling, age wear, and wrinkles. This is a general schematic manual that covers many Bally Williams pinball machines. See photos. Size is 17" by 11". The date is January 1995.

Size is 17" by 11". The date is January 1995. Covers the following pinball machines:
The Addams Family / Addams Family Gold *
The Getaway: High Speed II
Black Rose
Fish Tales
Doctor Who
Creature from the Black Lagoon
White Water
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Twilight Zone

* Made sure your game has Fliptronic II sound board.
Below is the index:
Power wiring schematic
CPU board schematic (before 4/4/94)
Security CPU board schematic (before 4/4/94)
Power driver board schematic
Dot matrix display/driver board schematic (Babcock)
Dot Matrix display/driver board schematic (Cherry)
Fliptronic II board schematic
Sound board schematic.