3 Antique Mid 1800's Large Rare American Glass Curtain Pulls Blue Green Brown

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Add a touch of history to your home decor with these rare American glass curtain pulls from the mid-1800s. The beautiful blue, green, and brown colors add a pop of color to any room. These single beads were handmade during the Civil War Era and carry the essence of that time. They are perfect for collectors or anyone looking for unique vintage pieces.

Rare mid 1800's handmade large size glass curtain pulls. Colors are green translucent, deep blue translucent, and brown semi translucent. Sizes vary but are around 1" tall and .75" wide. Unused condition. They have a great look with irregular textured patterns. Can also be used to make unique one of a link necklaces. stock#3pulls2-9-2024-beads1