Lost in Space 1998 Metal Dome Lunchbox Sci-Fi G Whiz! Retro Look Aliens Robot

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This Lost in Space 1998 metal dome lunchbox is a must-have for fans of the classic sci-fi TV show. The retro look and iconic imagery of aliens and robots make it a perfect addition to any collection. Made in China with durable metal, this lunchbox can withstand the wear and tear of use or display.

Featuring the G Whiz! logo, this lunchbox is a great way to showcase your love for Lost in Space. Perfect for collectors of 1980-1999 memorabilia, metal lunchboxes, lunchboxes and thermoses, pinbacks and lunchboxes, and other collectibles. Add it to your collection today! Unused old stock with original shrink wrapping. These did not come with a thermos. stock#lost1-31-2024-box7B